Our Home on Domino.com

A few months ago, Domino Magazine reposted an image of my letter board on Instagram. I received a message from Alyssa, a Digital Editor at Domino.com, about discovering our #antandnatsplace hashtag. She asked if we had been featured before in a publication, but besides the previous owners being featured in Dwell, we had not. I was freakin’ ecstatic about the opportunity. I’ve been reading Domino magazine for a long time and have always found inspiration in their articles.

She asked if I knew any photographers in Austin that would be willing to take photos of our home. I soon found out that there would be no compensation for photography but there would be credit given to the photographer in the article. I was hesitant to ask someone to do something for free, and I didn’t really want to shell out our own money for it, so I decided to invest in a lens and see what I could do on my own. That’s when I practiced taking interior photos of a friend’s home, which you can see here.

After a few weeks playing with my new Sony A6300 and a wide-angle Rokinon lens, I spent the weekend cleaning our house and taking photos while Anthony was out of town, finding comfort in the fact that if it didn’t come out correctly, I could try it again because I was the one behind the camera. I’m not a control freak, nor am I perfect at anything, but I am still somewhat very particular about the end result of anything creativity-led. There was something nice about actually doing it myself and having that control.

Once I was done with editing them in Adobe Lightroom, I sent them off to Alyssa with my fingers crossed that they were Domino-worthy shots. I received a response with a thumbs up and some questions to answer about our home.  Afterwards, she sent me a publishing date.

Fast forward to October 5th. I woke up and saw an email with a link to the article in my inbox. Suffice to say, I had a great morning.

I very rarely have self-pride when it comes to the things that I do, but having photos that I took in an article about our home in Domino Magazine feels gratifying and inspires me to want to continue this hobby. By no means am I a skilled photographer (I still struggle with the options on the dial) but I guess what matters is that I’m trying.

Check out the article.