Mobile Design? Sure, Why Not.

I remember that cold winter day of January 9, 2007 when everything I thought I knew about mobile was rendered obsolete. I can’t believe I thought my Nokia 6170 was defying mobile advancements with it’s flashy aluminum casing, 8-bit ringtone and “hefty” price tag.

It feels like it’s been a decade since my transition from flip phone to smartphone. I can’t remember how I survived without Google maps (nor do I want to).

My love affair with mobile design began when I was asked to design the My Verizon application for Android, Blackberry, BREW and Windows Mobile at R/GA. I can’t say that I wasn’t nervous because I was. I was flying by the seat of my pants, trying to read and learn anything I could get my hands on.

(There has got to be some very precise word to describe the particular surreal feeling of your own mind after it has spent too long reading about mobile design.)

Going from designing an application for zero devices to designing for 4 different ones quite floored me. But, it is dangerous to be too self-conscious where these things are concerned. It’s like riding a bike: if you pay too much attention to the process of riding a bike, all the complex physics equations stuffed full of variables and parentheses, your balance will falter. So I took what I knew and ran with it, which I probably shouldn’t be admitting.

A year later, I have learned what I didn’t know then. I love designing for mobile. There’s something fascinating and alluring about it that I haven’t been able to get my hands on. Perhaps it’s the mystery and the possibilities of how and in which ways mobile technology can impact our lives. Like the Twilight Zone.

Simply amazing.