A Trip to the PNW

Anthony and I recently took some time to go visit Andre in Bend, Oregon. Since we were already up that way, we decided to make a trip out of it. We used to spend a few days in Portland and Seattle here and there, but we’ve never been able to take in the scenery. The entire northwest is amazing. I just couldn’t believe how vibrant Mother Nature could be. I’m glad we were able to witness autumn in all of it’s peaceful serenity

Here are some photo highlights from our trip.

Bend, Oregon


Bend was absolutely breathtaking. I could see why Andre and Rae decided to move there. You’re surrounded by mountains on all sides and it only took 30 minutes to get to the trails, waterfalls, and even snow. And trees. There were so many trees.

Anthony attended the Bend Venture Conference, while I spent working from the hotel room on most days. We were able to spend some extra time on the weekend there, checking out the city and visiting Andre and Rae’s tiny home in Sisters, a nearby town about 20-minutes outside of Bend.

From there, we took off to Portland.

Cannon Beach, Oregon


After we made a 24-hour stop in Portland where we stayed a night in a quaint, quiet AirBnB on the Southeast side, we drove to Cannon Beach because it was a place I’ve always wanted to visit.

Goonies never say die!

We stopped by a coffee shop to get try to take some meetings, and the owner of the coffee shop said “we’re old school hun, we don’t believe in wireless”.

So, we meandered around the small beach town streets and spontaneously decided to stay the night rather than drive into Seattle. Anthony and I booked a hotel room and took a narrow entrance onto the beach.

We ended up at the mouth of a river and watched it run into the ocean. The birds would ride it from the top to the bottom where the water collided, then fly back up to the top just to ride it back down again. We watched them for what felt like an hour. The sun set right in front of us and the brisk wind made the experience all the better.

I wish we allowed ourselves more time to explore the coast, but we had to skedaddle up to Seattle.

Seattle, Washington


We spent only one night in Seattle and made the best of it. We did the usual: walk through Public Market, saw the gum wall, and then decided to do something we’ve never done before: the Seattle Underground Tour. Afterwards, we visited some places we were familiar with, like The Pine Box, and met a friend for dinner and drinks.

The next morning, we turned in our rental car and hopped on an Amtrak to Vancouver, BC.

Vancouver, Canada


We spent the majority of our time during the trip in Vancouver, exploring all of the places on the list that we had put together. Man, it’s a fashionable place (read: everyone wore black). It felt like an amalgamation of San Francisco and Brooklyn.

The Canadian Dollar is currently on the fritz, so for us, it was like every price tag was 25% off. Suffice to say, we did some shopping.

The rest of the time, we briefly walked around Stanley Park, went to the aquarium, ate all of the Asian food, drank some good craft beer, and hung out with our friends on most nights. There were some things that we didn’t get to do, just because we were a little exhausted. For instance, we really wanted to venture outside of the city and drive the Sea to Sky Highway and also visit some suspension bridges. It didn’t work out, but it’s definitely an excuse to go back. Also, for what it’s worth, they didn’t have ridesharing services there but Car2Go saved our butts.

That’s pretty much our PNW trip in a nutshell. I’m also too lazy to write more than this.